“Lux Mundi” means “Light of the world” in Latin.
It is an expression used by Jesus to speak of himself in the Gospel of John, where he says “I am the light of the world. He who follows me will not walk in darkness, he will have the light of life.” Jn 8, 12

We also find this expression after the Beatitudes in the Gospel of Matthew, when Jesus addresses those who listen to him and put into practice his Word “You are the light of the world.” Mt 5, 14

This expression evokes at the same time the divinity of Christ, his coming into the world, and the presence of God in Man, since according to the formula of the Fathers of the Church: “God became Man, so that Man can become God”

undivided church

The Church, Ehkklesia, is the assembly of the faithful who form the Mystical Body of Christ in the Eucharistic Communion. If one believes in the real presence of Christ in the Catholic and Orthodox Eucharist, one cannot conceive of the Church as being spiritually divided.
Different cultures, languages, translations and theological viewpoints have caused God’s people to become divided.

Lux Mundi humbly tries to offer a path of unity that does not ignore differences, but strives to highlight the common treasure of the faith received within the Catholic and Orthodox churches.
This is why the graphic productions of the projects are inspired by both Catholicism and Orthodoxy, hoping also to be able to signify the possibility of unity with our Protestant brothers.

The symbols highlighted are the crosses of the martyred brothers Peter (founder of the Church of Rome – Catholic) and Andrew (founder of the Church of Constantinople – Orthodox).
These two crosses appear on the Lux Mundi logo.


Behind Lux ​​Mundi is Rael-Miguel, converted to the Catholic faith at the age of 30.
After a youth spent in alternative modern culture producing “street-art” and “underground” electronic music, Rael-Miguel began a spiritual journey that would lead him to baptism. Concerned about announcing the Gospel in his secular environment, he studied theology and christian iconographic symbolism. He then engages in the graphic production of modern christian visuals, graphically inspired by the alternative culture from which he comes.

Alongside Lux Mundi, Rael-Miguel works in graphic communication for the Church with the creation of logos, posters, websites within Studio Epiphania.

Lux Mundi is what I can say about God, a “theo logia” for today's world. I would like my visuals to be able to transmit to my children, my brothers and my neighbour, this vision of the God of Love that I discovered in Christ, and that I humbly try to transcribe into the language of the world. This is the meaning given to tradition, we have received it from our fathers and we must translate it into our time. The language I have chosen is the image. My graphic inspiration comes from thirty years of secular life and ten years of life inspired by the Holy Spirit; by the grace of the triune God who made me pass from darkness to light.


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